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For instance the civil wars in Africa and Middle east and ensuing crisis can be added as illegal migration , refugees and shown with a map incase a question on migration is asked .

I for instance have not read the book by Khullar but managed to get 138 in paper 2 so my strategy worked there .I guess it was based on certain reviews of a just successful candidate whose blog I found online that I went for Neetu Singh(NS).NS covers about 70% of the syllabus in her class notes .)These perceptions about easy scoring , high scoring etc can change any year for instance the 2013 paper had certain bouncer questions .In the end your optional needs to be mastered by you if you want to tide over these bouncers and be in the top bracket in your optional.

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With just 258 in optional I donot think I am the best guide for geography anyhow If my experience maybe of some help so here it is !

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